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Strategic Asset Leasing

An i.o.T (Internet of Things) and FinTech  Licensing Company


Strategic Asset is implementing ultra efficient App Development standards to revolutionize the Financial Tech Industry.


Our team of skilled App Engineers are pushing new boundaries with Financial Tech that will open licensing opportunities throughout the industry sector. These software genres can range from simple MoneyShare Apps allowing the swapping of traditional currency and Crypto-Currency between friends in a fee free environment... to staking rewards and dividends from loyalty bonuses and survey services; built to be free to all users by utilizing ad support and sponsorships backed by i.i.R (Incentive Initiated Responses). 


The Company believes in using "open source" platforms; allowing our development team to engage with the coding community and private parties to continuously upgrade our living tech into a viable resource essentially expanding its usefulness and increasing public demand.

The integration of UID's and AI software can automate the software platform, which broadens internal development and  optimizes functionality between other software or devices.


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Cheyenne, WY 82009

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